3. února 2016 v 13:58 | EL*
When I started here, so you have never been here before. After a few weeks, however, and I joined when I first saw it, I knew that I was lost. That this is not just. At that moment I understood what it means to love at first sight.
Day after day, I was looking forward to work, because I knew that there would be you. When you had a holiday, it was the longest eight hours I've ever experienced.

After he joined, I knew that this would be insanely difficult. Well, I was hoping it true that you two together just not fun, but it happened and I was desperate. I loved it, which you knew, and you on a secret.

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1 Veronika Veronika | 3. února 2016 v 14:04 | Reagovat

please klikni + mozes sa aj zapojit (:

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