Únor 2016


14. února 2016 v 20:27 | EL*
Ahoj, pěkného Valentýna všem, kdo ho slaví.


8. února 2016 v 18:42 | EL* |  Téma týdne
Home to me is where it awaits the family, husband, children just where you are and where best to after school or after work happy return. When you say home, I think of my mother, sister, grandparents and great-grandmother. At these people swear. I am glad that we can live together in one house ..

But we must not forget even for those of his beloved home, whether through their own actions came. Just go out and buy now, you have a pitiful sight to people who are not as fortunate as the rest of us.
I once heard in a conversation between two girls aged pubertáního and that one says - I do not want to return these horrors, I understand my mom, siblings always get more than I do ......... Not only that, I was shocked, but I also said, if you only knew my dear, how lucky you are. You should have seen those people who would give anything to be able to surround their families.

Please note that parents, although sometimes scream at us, love us. I when I was smaller, I also thought that if I ran away, so it would be awful things have changed. Now, at my age, I think that parents would cause terrible pain ....
Do not even know what I would give for that Dad was in prison and not in prison.


3. února 2016 v 13:58 | EL*
When I started here, so you have never been here before. After a few weeks, however, and I joined when I first saw it, I knew that I was lost. That this is not just. At that moment I understood what it means to love at first sight.
Day after day, I was looking forward to work, because I knew that there would be you. When you had a holiday, it was the longest eight hours I've ever experienced.

After he joined, I knew that this would be insanely difficult. Well, I was hoping it true that you two together just not fun, but it happened and I was desperate. I loved it, which you knew, and you on a secret.