Listopad 2014

Reakce na včerejší den.

18. listopadu 2014 v 13:34 | EL*
Now many of you may me on this statement condemn or criticize. But this is my opinion and many of you we will agree.

What happened yesterday at Albert, when President Zeman appeared on stage together with German counterparts to talk about the events of November 17, 89 and people booed and abused by various protest posters, where he cursed.

Human ignorance in this country peaked when a handful of protesters started throwing eggs and hit inter alia, the president of the German Federal Republic Joachym Gauck. If we do not embarrass this moment in the world enough, and now I have achieved it.

Please be aware that what Milos Zeman said on the radio, was a response to questions that he thought Mr. Editor, with which it has mentioned this conversation led. That, he said a word to **, and was not meant to be used it just so. He explained the importance of a name Pussy Riot. Because this editor know.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you did yesterday showed humus, human ignorance and dutohlavost. Mr. Zeman was elected democratic vote, ie. that we have it we, inhabitants of the Czech Republic chose themselves. If we had chosen Mr. Swanzerberga, people would complain that she could not speak, or that he does not understand.
Most hit me, now that I rode posts on Facebook that yesterday's demonstrations was also attended by the children at the time of the Velvet Revolution were not in the world and do not understand yet how everything was. And that is inculcated into their heads view their parents is wrong.

People think about themselves and stop behaving like ignorant!