Září 2014

10 things

25. září 2014 v 20:42 | EL*
10 things you need in winter

hand cream
thermos with tea
hat, which warms
Kosmin regenerating lip
face cream
Body Lotion
hair oil

Coping with a breakup?

1. září 2014 v 19:34 | EL*
I greet all of you read my blog, who's actually something like a diary. Some things that are written here are the events that happened to me. These are things pleasant and unpleasant, but you belong to everyday life. Perhaps you articles about the fate of my mistakes and help you avoid them ..

Given that I have a home that week, I had plenty of time to think about what actually happened this year. I thought about P and R. zpátky..Začala looking back, I'm aware of mistakes that led to the breakup. Ono, actually the reflection is not so bad. Realizing it, plus you'll be lucky to get a second chance like I do, you have won.
Learn own mistakes is victory. But beware, dear readers and readers, never stoop to that you perhaps were ex cajole bored him and the talk that you have all this and realize that you've changed. Sometimes this works, but it usually ends so that you give him / her laugh and the next day everyone knows about it in your town, which is not so nice. Everyone will tell you what kind of pathetic and so on. Breakup is one of the vilest thing a man can do to man.

I realized the mistake that I actually prepared him for a month, it was just my mood that has changed, but unfortunately so often that after a while he started to bother saying a lot. During the month, when I was alone, I told myself that if I wanted him back, which I secretly hoped that I had to change not only outside but also inside. And believe me, it's better if you know what you did wrong.

Gauge was only for a month. But the moon was really nothing. Two days after the break were the hardest in my life. This is the time when they can simply have to admit that the one you love, is suddenly gone. All those experiences that you've had together once they are just memories. Certainly all of whom this happened to us will agree that during this time, before you actually happens before you admit the fact spilled a lot of tears. I helped me the most is that I have time to go to work and everything I threw there. I had to just concentrate. Because otherwise I could not. Well, they were worse weekends. The feeling when you're at home or going to a place where everything reminds you it is horrible. Most of it I got when I was at the cottage. Where we have a dog and cats. I brushed my head that I took the dog and went for a walk.
I'll give you advice, dear Heartbreakers broken heart will not help alcohol, drugs, or perhaps suicide. Help you, at least for a while, when you do something you hate to clear your head. I dealt with it so that I am following weekend after breaking his sister took the car and went shopping. We had a pleasant day in obchoďácích and I forgot for a while what happened. Homecoming was indeed worse but you could. That feeling when you know that you have bought something nice from what makes you happy, it can even laugh. When you're looking in the mirror at myself with new things, you say out loud - you see what you come up with?
Believe me, it will help you. And most importantly, do not forget to smile, because nobody looks good with ubrečenýma eyes.
The smile is what makes us beautiful. A need someone to do it eventually collapse .. :-)

The worst for me was when I had to lead his stuff, and given that it was the day after his birthday and gift for him, who's used all the time. Not without tears. But after a while they stopped.