Květen 2014

The worst day ever

29. května 2014 v 19:31 | L.
Today would have had to call one of the worst days of my life. I never thought much of terrible events, I may one day meet. Well, after today I know that bivalve actually be glad that there were so few. Even if it was worth it. I also realized what is most important to me and that what I really care about.

Lost friendship

28. května 2014 v 19:10 | ME
Hey. he says hey..No more talking with him. Because I am in relations ship, he dont need talking about me. At lost weekend was a ,,Party,, and he was a waither..Ouu, he was so pretty in black T-shirt and blue pants. He wear drink from me and for everybody when go to the Show. He smile on me, and I smiling on him. I think when before Party, he go behind me and invite me on date.
My fantasy was stupid, how later show up.
Next day, when I ride for my sister, he was on garden and he see me. I return his look. I stupid think when say hello on me..And he likes talking with his cousin. Without next word I go to the car and fast leave into Blatná. Path I thinking about his and my friend R., with which I have as many friendship and maybe relationship. But nobody dont know about our relationship..
But, P know about my philandering with R. Because my wannabe friend write P message about my relation ship and what I write on facebook in messages with her.
In the afternoon I has got a shout with R.
I know that I lost P, my future boyfriend, and R, my friend. I havenot nobody. I think that my word is over..

I don´t think quandary. I was in night go to the work. I understand, when work was a the best place on thinking about relationship and friendship.
Was evening and my callphone ring. I think its mother or sister and father. But was a R, in order to say me, that he says sorry behind fight when we have in the afternoon.

In there moment I am solving problem. My heart go two direction. Half would like go behind P, in love with him. But my second half go to the R, which later convince me and I have to decide upon if I give chance P or R. I have got in my head disorder and I cant decide.

Next week but solved all. My heart be right my ex boyfriend R, which love with me.
And P goes as lost. But I think when then all problems, when I have with P and my friend was this wise resolution.